About Me

Being a mom, wife, and full-time businesswoman has been my world for over twenty years. Throughout the years I have honed my skills in managing time, optimizing business practices, strengthening relationships, and ultimately helping others get the most out of life.

I have had the privilege of serving in a variety of professional roles and having a great deal of life opportunities which have provided me a never-ending list of experiences and skills that I am able to share with others...including YOU!

Here are just a few examples:

  • I have moved a lot in my adult life! 11 times in 25 years. That means I am an expert packer and unpacker, doing so in record time. 

  • I have served as a Dean of Students and teacher at a high school boarding school. This role included living with twenty students in my house annually and managing another 125 students on campus. That means I am an expert in teen development/relationships, academic success, teen leadership, and parental support.

  • I have been a key organizational administrator for start-ups and restarts. That means I am an expert in creating systems and strategies for organizational and professional success. 

  • I have managed many young adults as they have entered the job market. That means I am an expert in new professional career engagement, supporting all aspects from job seeking to success in one’s new role. 

  • I have travelled extensively (business and personal), by car, airplane, and cruise ship, both in and outside the U.S. That means I am an expert packer, checklist creator, logistical coordinator, and small space optimizer.

  • I have built dozens of filing systems, programming/supply closets, and office productivity areas. That means I am expert sorter/labeler, inventory tracker, file organizer, categorizer, and purchaser.

  • I have led profit and not-for-profit organizations. That means I am an expert with volunteers, fundraising, marketing/communications, calendaring, membership, budgets and financials, facility maintenance, vendor management, and HR/staffing. 


With all that I have experienced over the years, it has become increasingly clear to me that creating effective processes in one’s home, office, and life ultimately leads to a greater sense of fulfillment and success.

Many people have said that my personality is warm and inviting. I am also passionate and driven. I bring with me an open-mind and a non-judgmental attitude. These qualities will enable you to feel at ease from start to finish.


Master of Arts: Clinical Psychology

  Georgia School of Professional Psychology    

  May 1997

Bachelor of Science: Psychology

  Stetson University

  May 1995



Certified Life Coach


  October 2017

Certified Youthologist/Teen Coach


  March 2010

Organize for Life, LLC

Serving the Greater Tampa area, Central Florida, and Southwest Florida in-person and across the U.S. virtually

Telephone: (407) 733-9088

Email: info@organizeforlife.org

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