Parenting Groups & Coaching:
Tweens and Teens

Guided Learning Topics:

  • Understanding the teen brain

  • What’s going on with teens today?

  • Parenting styles and positive parenting

  • Navigating the emotional rollercoaster

  • Turning power struggles into mutual agreements

  • Anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues

  • Risky behaviors – online friendships, sex, drugs, drinking, and driving (possibly 2 sessions)

  • Parenting in the digital age

  • Communicating successfully

  • Parenting consistently and determining appropriate consequences

  • Motivating teens to…do their homework, volunteer, get a job, apply for college

  • Creating core values for your family

One-on-One Coaching for Tweens, Teens, and College Students:

  • Job/chore assignment and charts

  • Planners and bullet journaling

  • Time management

  • Goal setting

  • Managing emotions and social relationships

  • Maximizing study/work space

  • Managing academic workflow and responsibilities

  • Study skills

  • Organizing bedroom/dorm room

  • First jobs (resume, job search, interviewing, acceptance, scheduling)

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